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The Girl In The White Dress

Luxury silky satin, delicate netting and structural formed felt, one of our latest and most complicated creations to date. Believe it or not but this elegant futuristic Hunger Games inspired outfit took us just over a year to craft with many mindboggling trial and errors along the way! This was a project not for the faint of heart. Unlike last year we wanted to entre the new year with a fresh start and what better opportunity than to begin with a clean slate of neutral tones looking forward to the future as depicted in our new empowering editorial release with a hint of fierce dramatic high fashion. With makeup and styling inspired by the Hunger Games we wanted to create a capturing vision of the Capital, District 1, post revolution. Strong poses, falling rose petals and even a handmade cage mask to entwine the shrouded sense of peace, beauty and of course dominating power - a rose with many thorns. Even down to the accessories of silver cuffs around the neck and wrists depicting a…

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