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Rose Red - The Queen of Hearts

As seen published in issue 8 of Rise magazine and photo streamed by Dark Beauty, our latest 'Queen of Hearts' inspired editorial has cutting edge fantasy down to a T and with a stylish burst of sexy couture fashion too! Inspired by the magic rose under the glass bell in Disney's story of 'Beauty and the Beast', as an artistic designer/crafter I wanted to create an alternative romantic look that captured a modern day sense of vulnerability and yet invoking an empowering strength of darkened beauty. 
 Accessorised with a sparkling glitter gold crown encrusted in rich ruby red rhinestones and gold leaf vines entangled within the framework. It is as if the golden rose on top was alive and growing from a spellbinding enchantment. Makeup and hair had to be tailor designed to coordinate well with the full look. The hair especially needed plenty of controlled structure with lots of pins, curling and hairspray to allow the fitting of this unusually small size of crown. Ha…

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