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Kabila Giza (Dark Tribe)

Following on from last years behind the scenes post about our Dark Tribe photo shoot (apologies for the super long delay!), finally here are the finished results. All headdresses form each of these looks are now available to purchase online via my website. As they are all uniquely handcrafted, once sold that's it they're gone. Deep within the darkly damp swamplands where very few dare to adventure resides the Zaku. An all alluring goddess with skin that's cold and wet to the touch. Having the ability to peer beyond the veil of life and death itself, being at one with nature allows her to converse with sinister shadows and creatures of the night. Outsiders only dare to seek the Zaku out at their own peril as a last resort when hope is lost. All barters bare a heavy price.
Far across the barren dusty desserts the Maganga walks alone and appears when needed but never when most wanted. She is the stuff of legends. Seer of prophecies, banisher of evil spirits and having the po…

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